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Motel – Bar – HBO – No Vacancy

Classic vintage retro neon sign Motel – Bar – HBO – No Vacancy. Everything you need but a room. Love these old signs. […]

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Autumn High Country Beautiful Chestnut Horse Grazing

The autumn season is such a great time of year, even the horses seem to enjoy it. Here is a scenic landscape view of a beautiful chestnut horse grazing in a Colorado Rocky Mountain high country meadow with colorful aspen trees in the background. […]

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Colorful Autumn Aspen Tree Colonies

Aspen trees in the colorful Colorado autumn season. Aspens trees typically grow in large clonal colonies, derived from a single seedling… […]

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Colorado Longs Peak Lightning Thunderstorm Time Lapse

Lightning striking the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and the base of the Twin Peaks, Mt Meeker 13,256 ft and Longs Peak 14,256 ft. […]

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Autumn Peaks Golden Ponds Reflections Panorama

Scenic autumn season view of the twin Peaks, Mt meeker 13,911 ft and Longs Peak 14,256 ft with mirror like reflections from Golden Ponds in Longmont Colorado, Boulder County. Panorama version […]

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Boulder lodge sells to new owner

New ownership will take over the Boulder Mountain Lodge on Dec. 1. Starting next year, the new management group will also mean a new look for the establishment, a shifting focus on serving adventure sports enthusiasts, and — potentially — a…

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Colorado Canyon Gazing

Scenic landscape view gazing into the mouth of Left hand Canyon in Boulder County Colorado Autumn Season with golden trees lining the creek […]

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Colorado county extends drilling moratorium to mid-2018

Boulder County, Colo., has extended its moratorium on new oil and gas drilling … The action was approved this morning by the county commissioners.

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Orionid Meteor Shower Colorado Astrological Weather Night Time Lapse

An Astrological Weather kind of night, Orionid Meteor Shower, view from the high country in Boulder County, Colorado. […]

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Honor To The Soldier And Sailor Everywhere

Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.- Abraham Lincoln […]

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