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Snowy Country Winter Day Art Print

Winter season snowy country landscape view with a country red barn and windmill. Boulder County Open Space, Lohr-McIntosh Farm, Longmont Colorado. […]

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Honor To The Soldier And Sailor Everywhere

Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.- Abraham Lincoln […]

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Better Days

Colorado scenic landscape view of a rustic rural barn along in James Canyon surrounded by golden autumn aspen trees about to give way to the winter season coming in soon. […]

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Rainy Country Barn White Rustic Window View

Colorful western country landscape red barn on the farm on a rainy lightning thunderstorm night view through a white distressed rustic picture window. Your very own private window view into a beautiful country night.

Create a fine art photography optical illusion to your decor of the beautiful country sky with a view through an […]


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Nature’s Country Painting

A scenic eastern Colorado country landscape with a red barn on a rural farm and a colorful sunset sky that looks like a painting. This is a technique of using 200 images stacked to get this effect. Hope you like. […]

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Another Colorado Country Landscape

Another Colorado Country landscape a view I never get tired of. This is in Boulder County looking towards the front range of the Rocky Mountain foothills up to the Indian Peaks and Continental Divide. […]

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Stormy Country Skies

Scenic landscape country farming view of mean looking thunderstorm clouds rolling in overhead a farm with an agriculture watering system in the foreground. […]

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Wish Upon A Star

North Eastern Colorado rural agriculture country landscape in Morgan County, golden thunderstorm clouds as the sun disappears and a fantastic night sky filled with stars appear behind them. […]

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Here Comes The Rain – I am Out of Here

One of the last shots out of this storm chase and lightning photo session. The rain came in and I hung on as long as I could when I got this image. Water started hitting the lens as you can tell from this image. […]

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Red Barn on a Farm and What a Beautiful Sight

A Colorado spring thunderstorm striking in the late night above a red barn on a farm and what a beautiful sight. This is another one my first storm chase of the 2014 season and what a great show. It was a great night of many images to be had of this beautiful thunderstorm landscape, as you can tell from recent post. […]

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