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Shelf Cloud Mamacumulus Leading Edge

Written By: bouldercountyphotographer - Aug• 28•13

shelf cloud mamacumulus leading edge M Shelf Cloud Mamacumulus Leading Edge

Shelf clouds are typically seen at the leading edge of a thunderstorms. What you’re seeing in a shelf cloud is the boundary between a thunderstorm downdraft and updraft. Shelf clouds form as warm, moist air rises along the front edge of a gust front and are associated with severe thunderstorms. These clouds are especially prevalent when the air is very stable near the base of the thunderstorm. This one seems to have some mamacumulus on the top underlay. This is a very large six portrait image panorama.

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Colorful Colorado Autumn Rustic WT Window View 600ss 600x359 Shelf Cloud Mamacumulus Leading Edge



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