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Tree Snow Fog and The Prairie Dog

Written By: Bo Insogna - Mar• 02•14

 Tree Snow Fog and The Prairie Dog

North Boulder County, Colorado, winter landscape scenic view through the snow and fog to a prairie dog. I love prairie dogs, they are so cute and fun to watch.  Some fun facts: Prairie dogs are burrowing rodents not dogs that live in large colonies in the grasslands of central and western North America. Prairie dogs are considered a “keystone” species because their colonies create islands of habitat that benefit approximately 150 other species. They are a food source for many animals, including coyotes, eagles, badgers, and the critically endangered black-footed ferret.

Prairie dogs are about 15 inches long and weigh 2-4 pounds. They eat roots, grass, and other plants. Two prairie dogs recognize each other by touching their front teeth together.  Prairie dogs warn others in their group of approaching predators by letting out a special warning bark before disappearing in their burrow thus how they got their name. ( Prints available online -  Tree Snow Fog and The Prairie Dog )

Colorado Fine art photography images by James Bo Insogna (C) – All Rights Reserved.

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 Tree Snow Fog and The Prairie Dog

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